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Our Ministry of Development had already announced the main areas of support of the new Business and Growth Program "RESTARTING" 2014-2020. This program will be implemented during the new 2014-2020 programming period, managed by the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness. The new program has resources of over € 5.5 billion, in specific sectors. More specifically:

1. TOURISM SECTOR: In this sector the program will provide investment plans that improve competitiveness in five specific areas of tourism (congress, medical-medicinal, cultural, marine, center). Also will provide investments in Tourism Promotion areas, in Training and education and in employment amplification.
2. AGRO-FOOD SECTOR: Priority actions will be enhanced products competitive advantage particularly unique features that gives them the biodiversity of Greece (Milk, Cheese, Olive - Oil, Wine, Meat). It will be enhance the openness of firms in the sector to increase exports of branded and certified products at the expense of exports of bulk products. would also reinforced: Actions to promote agro-food products in existing and new markets, actions promoting products through aid service logistics, as well as actions to support research centers, institutes and laboratories for safety and improve food quality.
3. SUPPLY CHAIN SECTOR​​: In this sector the program will provide investment plans that improving infrastructure, improving accessibility, promoting openness in the industry and attracting international trade agreements / partnerships with infrastructure development log-organization, in connection to promote the industry through the adoption of value added services aimed at internationalization. 
4. ENVIRONMENT SECTOR: In this sector the program will provide investment plans to manage waste-recycling-minimize production, reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and increasing resource efficiency, application methods clean technology and end actions that will enhance the certification business.
5. HEALTH AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SECTOR: In this sector the program will provide investment plans related to Human Resources training, certifications businesses, the use of new technologies in production, the openness, the restructuring of the institutional framework to facilitate entrepreneurial initiative
6. ENERGY SECTOR: In this sector the program will provide investment plans related to energy upgrade the existing building stock, energy upgrade homes, public buildings, commercial buildings, strengthen research and development of materials, technologies and systems to improve energy efficiency, improve energy efficiency of small and medium manufacturing businesses to reduce energy costs, support for Renewable Energy, the creation and growth of domestic entrepreneurship etc.
7. CONSTRUCTIONS AND MATERIAL SECTOR: In this sector the program will provide investment plans for the recovery of waste and waste from agricultural and industrial production, recycling and recovery of agricultural plastic waste, strengthening the establishment and operation of certified construction waste management units, to promote cooperation between undertakings additional industry products, protection, restoration of monuments and historic structures and modern building, strengthening of market surveillance, certification infrastructure, openness and export services, etc.,
8. INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES SECTOR: In this sector the program will provide investment plans related to the development / evolution of the market for digital services, strengthening entrepreneurship around the provision of integrated services digital cloud, incentives for new SMEs using business IT solutions in the cloud, incentives for existing small businesses to switch to informative business solutions in the cloud, enhancing entrepreneurship around the development of applications that can be made available in the cloud (SaaS), specialization ICT executives on specific technologies, commercial product development technology
9. CREATIVE - CULTURAL INDUSTRIES SECTOR: The program provides plans related to the effects of the economic crisis, or to support the internationalization of business. Also plans in advertising and promotion of Greek products and services, and specifically the Greek Brands in the International Market, information about adaptation to conditions of international competition (market trends, consumer behavior), corporate restructuring, enhancing the development of restructuring plans and adaptation plans to improve the quality of products and services, increasing the total value added

Our executives are ready to inform you about all possibilities to financing from this program.


The Association of Greek Management Consulting Companies (SESMA), which our Company IAPETOS SA DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS is a member since 2002, created a new index – GMCCI- which means Greek Management Consultants Confidence Index.

GMCCI analyze opinions and estimates of Shareholders and top Management for the Greek economy. For our Association (SESMA) a primary need is to monitoring and measuring the economic climate and trends. The index GMCCI, record predictions for the economic situation at twelve months, reflecting expectations of key executives and shareholders of consultants for productive factors, record the main obstacles for the development and presents views on the allocation of resources and the effectiveness of NSRF.

The surveys for mapping the index began in March 2014 and will be held every 3 months. By the end of each measure, results will be released. For the results of the first and second quarter 2014, you can visit the page of our Association ( 


The Ministry of Development announced in April 2014, the results of the business plans submitted under the Program “EXTROVERSION II” co-funded by the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship II” under the NSRF. The program is funded collaborative projects or SmE’s and big companies in selected sectors of manufacturing and services to carry out actions and actions extroversion, providing the necessary assistance for their development in foreign countries. Our Company, submitted ten (10) business plans, in construction, IT and advertising sectors with total budget 1.600.000,00 €. After the Ministry’s evaluation, all of our proposals approved for implementation with minimal cuts in their budget.

The projects will take place within 18 months, until June 2015 and the main axes investment plans of our customers, regarding the implementation of promotional activities in foreign countries, the supply of computer equipment and computer systems, the implementation actions advisory for recognition competition, certification of management systems, implementing actions to create promotional materials. After eight business plans, successfully completed in the first program “EXTROVERSION I” that take placed in 2010-2012, our Company must manage the new projects approved in full compliance with the requirements of the Program Requirements, providing necessary assistance to investors to move quickly on steps required for the development of their outward movements.

Complete success was the announcement of the results demonstrates the good experience and deep knowledge of our Company, which is one of the oldest in the industry consultancy dealing with both the subject of networking sales and exports, and the subject matter of the submission and management of business projects financed from EU funds 


In final stage of implementation is the project “AGRO-LIVE”, as an act which co-funded from Ministry of Employment, based in Program “supports local action Integration for Vulnerable Social Groups” action 3. Our Company is a Partner in Development Partnership "AGRO-LIVE" and the purpose of our D.P. is thw "intervention development and support of rehabilitation long-term unemployed aged over 45 with low qualifications and people are in poverty or at risk of poverty, the Regional Units of Preveza and Thesprotia in Epirus Region ".

Our Company as a member of the DP "AGRO-LIVE”  with other partners, as the  Regional Association of Epirus Municipalities , the Education Organization ARTEMIS, the Agricultural University of Athens,  implementing the project and the individual actions carried out so far is studies relating to Relation of the labor market with the Regional Units of the Region of Epirus, networking partnership, awareness and information of the beneficiaries, education and training, mentoring and consulting support, diffusion and information about the project, project management.

The purpose of the implementation is the integration into the labor market, one hundred unemployment persons.


Successfully implemented by our executives of Development Sector, the following projects in management systems:

- Updated quality management system according to our National Standard for project management (ELOT 1429:2008) in Foundation Youth and Lifelong Learning supervised by the Ministry of National Education.

- Review and updated management system based to our National Standard for project management of (ELOT 1429:2008) in IDIKA Organization (eGovernment Social Security organization)

- Design, development and implementation of quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001:2004, in REAL MEDIA SA company (publishing)

- Design, development and implementation of quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001:2004 in UNIXFOR SA company (software development, construction of self-machinery products)

- Design, development and implementation of quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001:2004 in PRESSBOX PUBLISHING SA company (publishing)

- Design, development and implementation of information security management system according to EN ISO 27001:2005 - Company INNEWS AE (indexing media, software development)

- Design, development and implementation of information security management system according to EN ISO 27001:2005 -  Company ATHENS TECHNOLOGY CENTER ABETE (software development)

- Design, development and management system of hygiene and food safety according to EN ISO 22000:2006 - Company Rigas STATHOPOULOS AND CO LTD (nuts production)

- Design, development and implementation of quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 -  Company ECOS CONSULTING SA (studies of consulting engineers)

- Design, development and management system of hygiene and food safety based on IFS Standard - Company KATSAKOULIS SA (standardization of olive oil, Mytilene)

- COMPANY’S PROJECTS IN SECOND ACTTON OF OUR NSRF (SECTORS:  Production, Tourism, Trade and  Services for SmE’s companies)

After the final results, in March 2014,  for the SmE’s companies, that submitted their project plan, under the Second Action of NSRF,  which involved  existing and new companies, related to the areas of Tourism, Manufacturing, Trade and Services, our company has been launched by the accredited investors rapidly implement their business plans.

IAPETOS SA submit fifty (50) business plans in all Greek Regions with total budget over € 3 million on behalf of clients, in all economical areas. All projects are co-financed, and our stuff begun to assist investors to properly implement their projects.


Final results announced for the submitted proposals (March 2013), in ICT4GROWTH Action. According to data provided by the Information Society SA,  260 proposals submitted, evaluated the 222 and initially approved 88 business plans at public expense while € 39 million specifically for the Region of Attica, which had plethora of proposals approved additives other 48 proposals public expenditure of € 20 million as runners-up, for which resources will be found directly. Please note that public expenditure of the program was € 120 million, which means that more than half are now available either for a second evaluation of the proposals were rejected, either for new call of Action. Our Company under Action submitted seven (7) business plans for clients of the themes of energy and global Internet market total budget of 2.5 million €., Of which six (6) approved by decision of 24.12.2013 of IS SA and for which has already begun implementation, integration with the horizon in October 2015.


Already been announced the first calls from the European Program - Framework for funding research and innovation actions called HORIZON 2020. This new program is going to fund research and innovation in period 2014 - 2020 with total budget € 80 billion and is the largest ever program has been launched. The main purpose of this Program is to integrate scientific data products and services based on innovation. The main axes of the program is the promotion of Europe and the countries that the leader of disciplines (Excellent Science), securing industrial leadership in innovation (Industrial Leadership) and addressing societal challenges (Societal Challenges).

First priorities for the Years 2014-2015 is to focus on twelve (12) research areas to be funded. The basic of the areas are: personalized healthcare, transportation, "green" energy, digital security, information technology and communications and "smart" cities. First calls for 2014-2015 include a budget of 500 million specifically for SmE’s. The program implementation is to be carried out using procedures that do not require special paperwork in relation to that we used in the past, so they are more attractive to attract interested. A key feature of the implementation is to create a single flat rate for indirect costs (25% of direct costs) and two levels of funding for a survey (funded 100%) and one for activities relating to the market (70% funded).

Calls are open from the December 2013, with key features: a) each project has a specified percentage of all funding bodies. B) For innovation projects the rate will be 70% and for research projects the rate will be 100%. C) Is there a specific rate for indirect costs (overheads) which is 25% of direct costs (excluding subcontracting, third parties expenses and financial aid third parties). D) There is a significant decrease in time to sign a contract longer defined five months (from submission to-earnings) plus three months (from announcement of results by signing the Contract).

For SMEs introducing new financial instruments for SMEs, providing support in three phases: Initial feasibility study (aid lump 50.000 €), Development of innovative products / services (grant 70% of costs), access to other funding sources (eg example, VCs, loans from the European Investment Bank, etc.). More details of funding in three phases will be as follows: Phase 1 (Feasibility Phase) in which an assessment of the technological and commercial potential of a project / idea. Then, examine the viability of the idea, the risks assessed, the status of copyright, partner search, the design of the study, the intention piloting the idea, the business plan idea. Phase 2: (main funding) which will be given to SMEs to undertake research and development, focusing on demonstrating the product / service and reproduce the market (market replication). Emphasis will be on development, prototyping, testing, piloting innovative processes, products and services, the design of products / services, design and development of the idea of ​​scaling (segments, processes, etc.). Phase 3 (Phase trading): SMEs will be supported indirectly through simplified access to capital and equity financial instruments (VCs, Business Angels, etc.). For the evaluation of proposals will take into account three criteria: the soundness of the proposal, its impact and the quality and efficiency of implementation.     


Competitive Advantages

The competitive advantages of IAPETOS S.A. DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS are based on our long-term experience and our highly skilled human resources.

Our effective services are based on:

  • The experience and knowhow
  • The Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • The Creativeness

The Company incorporates adequacy of consultancy services:

  • It is certified at “Consultant Services in Development and Technology Issues” according to ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, according to OHSAS 18001 for labor health and safety management and according to ΕΝ ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management systems.
  • It is member of Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Firms as well as member of Federation of Hellenic ICT Enterprises.
  • It is an accredited consultant of General Directorates of E.U.
  • It is an accredited evaluator of investments of Ministry of Development
  • It is registered member to the record of theme consultants of Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft.


and the other

Public Sector

  • Ministry of Environment
  • Ministry of Development
  • Ministry of Commercial Shipping
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Region of Eastern Macedonia - Thrace
  • District of South Aegean
  • Society of Information S.A.
  • Vocational Training S.A. / Ministry of Labour
  • Information Technology Institute
  • Institute for International Economic Affairs
  • Electronic Governance of Social Security S.A.
  • Municipality of Chalandri
  • Ministry of Education
  • General Secretariat of Industry
  • Themis Constructions / Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Municipality of Ioannina
  • Athens News Agency 

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  • Instituta Andalluz de Tecnologia
  • University of Derby
  • University of Southampton
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  • Universitas Malacitana
  • Provincia Di Salerno
  • Scheepvaart En Transport College
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