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One of the major advantages of the company's is our executives. Coming from different backgrounds and with studies that cover a wide range of disciplines, our stuff have great scientific training and experience in administration and project management. Having selected  with strict criteria on the basis of their ability to cope in a competitive environment, our employees work together seamlessly, combining knowledge and skills to achieve the best possible result for their clients.

The human capital of the Company consists of permanent members and external partners participating in the implementation and management of our projects. The total number of our employees are university graduates and most of them have post-graduate qualifications.

To executives of the Company, including the following specialties:

• Engineering (mechanical, civil engineers and archiktektones, environmentalists, energy engineering, regional development)

• Economists specializing in regional development

• Economists specializing in Business Administration

• Political and Social Science

• Food Technologists

• Agricultural management with specialization in Community Programs

• Legal

• Computer Engineering

• Psychologists and sociologists specializing in the management of Community programs

The executives of the Company, through the object of study, but also on the knowledge gained from both their previous collaborations, and through cooperation with our company, demonstrate significant experience in:

- Organization, reorganization and modernization of the SME companies operating in the private sector

- Studies of management and their application to private companies and government organizations

- Reorganization of public organizations

- Implementation and management of projects co-financed by National and Community Funds

- Evaluation of programs and projects co-financed by the EU

- Providing technical assistance to organizations in the public and broader public sector to manage their projects

- Studies on SME business plans of the private sector to subsidize them through activities and programs of the EU

The Management of the Company is held by our BOARD OF DIRECTORS: