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For our company IAPETOS SA year 2013 is characterized as the most important, as all indicators associated with the development and implementation of our strategy, rose, Our Company both at financial-economic indicators, and in terms of development indicators and confidence, increased significantly, if not take into account the one that we are the fifth year of recession of the National Economy, and the fact that the liquidity of Greek Business absent altogether, the extremely positive at all levels elapsed time is a remarkable fact.

Despite the adverse conditions that existed in 2013 closed management, our company has increased its turnover by 15%, having realized the crowd management projects and having to submit proposals for evaluation is ongoing.

Alongside side development work, presented a 22% increase in active customer base, something which contributed particularly notice the many programs and activities of the NSRF 2007-2013, and for the first time in the last decade regarding the co-funded programs the figure for submissions of proposals in relation to these approvals, the number reached 98%.

More specifically, in 2013, under the provision of consultancy services to our clients (public and private) our Company:

- Successfully implemented two (2) projects on behalf of public and broader public sector. These projects related to restructuring and organizational functioning of organizations and concerned the preparation of strategic plans, operational regulations and staff regulations. The projects awarded to our Company on participation in tender process

- Submitted ninety (90) business plans for clients of Private Sector Programs in the NSRF with total budget 9.000.000,00 €. Of these proposals, only ten are in the process of evaluation of management authorities, while the other already approved and has begun the process of implementation of the investors in the project management take place with the assistance of the staff of our Company

- Submitted two (2) business plan under the new investment law with total budget € 3.8 B

- Continued implementation of individual actions, in the context of its participation as subcontractors in Figure partner associations in our industry, which after a competitive process was declared successful bidder by the Ministry of Development.

- Implemented four (4) projects on behalf of public agencies, related ths design, development, implementation and certification of management systems based our National Standard for Project Management ELOT 1429:2008

- Implemented eight (8) business plans on behalf of clients - industry body, in "HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT" PROGRAM - Act A and B "STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT AND WORKERS enterprises employing 1-49 PERSONS WITHIN THE ECONOMIC CRISIS"

- Implemented a fifteen (15) projects management systems (quality, environment, food safety and hygiene, health and safety, adequacy communications providers), on behalf of clients of the Private Sector.

The total budget of the aforementioned projects is 12 million Euro.