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Our company also provides services to firms in the sector of the Renewable Energy Resources. Given the high interest of investors, during the last years, for the implementation of private projects (through funding of the National Investments Law, 3rd Community Framework of Support and National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013), our qualified personnel and partners implement the required reports and submit the applications to proper authorities so as to be approved for funding of investments into wind parks and photovoltaic parks.

Our services include:

  • Ex-ante Reports and Reports of environmental implications (for usage from Regulating Authority of Energy (R.A.E.)
  • Reports of energy performance
  • Reports of quality systems for windmills laboratories according to the requirement of R.A.E. for accredited measurements
  • Reports of viability in order investment projects to be approved for funding through subsidies programs.

In the case that investment plan are implemented through subsidiaries, IAPETOS S.A. offers the services above:

  • Elaboration of intention Studies for co-financed programs
  • Track of the applications that have been submitted for funding approval
  • Support during the implementation of projects
  • Track of the progress of implementation of the project
  • Composition of applications of control to the proper authorities and support in collection of required data
  • Internal control for the progress of implementation of the projects