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In General

Emphasizing the overall development of our customers, we provide comprehensive services related to the implementation of quality management systems, Marketing services, financial advice, IT application development, internal process studies, organization and BPR studies, market research studies, business plan studies.

Η Εταιρία είναι μέλος του Ελληνικού Συνδέσμου Εταιριών Management (ΣΕΣΜΑ) και του Συνδέσμου Επιχειρήσεων Πληροφορικής Ελλάδος (ΣΕΠΕ).

Historic Stations

Establishment of IAPETOS SA. DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS from a group of scientists with studies in science and specialization in thematic fields of development and provision of consulting services, based in Athens.


Activity of  IAPETOS S.A. in the elaboration of studies and proposals in matters of transmission and transfer of know-how and technology and the management of Projects in various Directorates of the European Union.


Activation in various fields of studies and development / management of Business Projects in second programming period (KPS)


The Company carries out collaborations in Epirus and Thessaly Regions, having permanent associates in the headquarters. Development and activation of the Company through collaborations in other areas of the Greek Region.



Coming from different fields and having studies that cover a wide range of sciences, the executives of IAPETOS SA have extensive scientific training and experience in project administration and management.

Having been selected with very strict criteria and based on their ability to cope in a competitive environment, our executives work harmoniously with each other, combining knowledge and skills to achieve the best possible result for the company’s customers.

The Executive staff of the Company includes the following specialties:

Our executives based in objects of their studies, also from their  knowledge that they have acquired both from their previous collaborations, and through their collaboration with our Company, have to show remarkable experience.

Management of IAPETOS SA

Vassilis Daousanis

PoB – Managing Director

Mechanical Enginner – Postgraduate studies in Total Quality Management and Business Management

Elisabeth Bobola

Vice President – CFO

Economist – Postgraduate studies: ΜΒΑ and Strategic Management

Over 23 years experience in consulting services

Quality Policy

IAPETOS SA  is certified based on EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard requirements for quality management, in terms of “providing consulting services in matters of development and technology”. Also is certified based on EN ISO 27001: 2013 Standard requirementsis for information security management.


IAPETOS SA  has established since 2002 permanent collaborations in the Greek Regions

More specifically has permanent associates in Epirus, Crete and Thessaly Regions.

Our network  includes engineers and economists with long experience in implementing National Programs, who offer their services when required by our Company, for the implementation of projects of their specialty.

Also for the implementation of its European projects, the Company cooperates with International Universities and other educational institutions, as well as with Greek and International Institutes and recognized Organizations as well as Non-Governmental Organizations.

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