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Human Resources

One of the most important advantages of IAPETOS S.A.  is our executives and associates.
Coming from different fields and with studies that cover a wide range of sciences, our stuff   has extensive scientific training and experience in project administration and management.
Having been selected with strictest criteria and based on their ability to cope in a competitive environment, our executives work harmoniously with each other, combining knowledge and skills to achieve the best possible result for the company’s customers.
The human resources of the Company consist of permanent executives and external collaborators, who participate in the implementation and management of our projects.
Our staff have University graduates and postgraduate specialization.

The Company’s executive staff includes the following specialties:

Engineers (mechanical engineers, civil engineers and architects, environmentalists, energy engineers, regional development engineers)
Economists specializing in regional development
Economists specializing in Business Administration
Political and Social Scientists
Food Technologists
Agronomists specializing in the management of Community Programs
Computer Engineers
Psychologists and Sociologists specializing in the management of Community Programs

The executives of the Company, through the object of their studies, but also from the knowledge that they have acquired both from their previous collaborations, and through their cooperation with our Company, have to show remarkable experience, in:

organization, reorganization and modernization of the operation of SMEs in the private sector
elaboration of studies of management systems and their application in companies of the Private but also of the Public and Wider Public Sector
reorganization of Public Organizations and the Wider Public Sector
implementation and management of projects co-financed by National and Community Resources
evaluation of EU co-financed programs and projects
providing technical support to Public and Wider Public Sector Organizations, for the management of their projects
preparation of studies of business plans for SMEs of the Private Sector, with the aim of subsidizing them through EU Actions and Programs.

The Management of the Company is exercised by:

Vassilis Daousanis, President and CEO
Elisabeth Bobola, Vice President and CFO

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