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Co-Funded programs


Our Company provides regular information on financing (subsidy) programs through the NSRF Programs 2007-2013 and the National Development Law, to companies that are interested in being subsidized to develop their business activities or to diversify their products and services.

Our services include:

During the submission process:

The support during the collection of necessary data for the elaboration of the investment plan.
Processing the data and preparing the file.
The economic and technical analysis for the viability of the investment.
Support in completing the grant dossier with all the necessary supporting documents.
The support during the submission of the file to the competent service and the support of the file with any additional information that will be requested by the competent services.

During the implementation process:

Support when managing the project file.
Monitoring the implementation of the project.
The preparation of the applications for control in the competent services and the support in the gathering of necessary supporting documents.
The internal control for the implementation of the project.

Since 1998, the Company undertakes the submission of proposals and the implementation of projects on behalf of its customers, in co-financed National Programs. The programs concern the support of companies in their investment plans and their Management is carried out by the Greek Managing Authorities.

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