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Published On: 07.10.2021

With the activation of Law 4469/2017 for the out-of-court settlement of companies, our Company is able to offer financial-financial services for the harmonization of the requirements of the Law in the request of legal entities that wanted to join in debt settlement through the Law. Our Company is able, utilizing the know-how of its executives, to provide consulting financial-financial services within the framework of Law 4469/2017 and more specifically undertakes to implement: the legal support of the applications for inclusion in the whole context of participation and inclusion in the Law , as it has a framework cooperation with one of the most important Law Firms of Athens with long experience in the field and with full knowledge of the requirements, the elaboration of the business plan of viability, the compilation of the financial tables and forecasts with the method of free cash flows , in order to prove the possibility of repayment of the regulated debts, the elaboration of the application required through the electronic platform of the General Assembly. I.X. of the Ministry of Finance.

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